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We have a global outlook and are based in Vancouver, BC.


Judith is president of Curious Features. As a multi-award winning executive producer, showrunner, director, and writer of unscripted series and specials, her work has aired on networks all over the world, including CBC, History Television, CTVglobemedia, Bravo and Discovery networks. She loves collaborating with top creative professionals to make absorbing television and films.

Judith is currently in production on an exciting new project - stay tuned for more! She recently executive produced, directed and wrote Inseparable for CBC Docs POV. The film has won a 2018 Platinum Remi Award and is nominated for a 2019 Canadian Screen Award - Best Biography program. It is also a finalist for the 2019 New York Festivals for Best directing and Biography. As well, Inseparable received nominations for a 2018 Golden Sheaf Award,  2 Leo Awards - best short doc and best direction in a short doc - and a Canadian Cinema editor's award. 

Judith also recently directed and co-wrote Cracking Cancer for CBC’s The Nature of Things with David Suzuki and ​was nominated for a 2018 Canadian Screen Award (Canada’s version of the "Emmys") for best direction in a documentary. A review of the film in The Lancet noted: "In presenting an accessible, detailed, and balanced look at the work of the POG team, The Nature of Things is doing valuable public engagement work at the cutting edge of cancer research."  

A showrunner of award winning series and specials, Judith has built and worked with many talented teams. Over the past two decades she has tackled a huge range of stories, often directing and producing in diverse and challenging locations including the High Arctic, Liberia, rural Kenya, and across Japan, Europe, and North America. She has interviewed and directed hundreds of people including renowned artists (like Lou Reed, Philip Glass and Steven King), top scientists, international figures and village locals. 

Judith received a Harvard Medical School media fellowship (2018). And she was the Harvey Southam Lecturer in journalism and non-fiction at the University of Victoria (2018).   

She has an M.A. in Political Science from York Univeristy, a Graduate Diploma in Communication Studies from Concordia University and a B.A. in English from the University of Victoria.

International co-production? No problem. Event-based logistical challenges? Still no problem. Documentary, series, competitions, docu-soaps -- with over 30 years experience, Joe Woodward has done them all and has gained a world-wide reputation for getting the job done well and on budget. His extensive knowledge in both production and finance makes Joe a go-to guy in the industry. He has produced and managed and consulted for series and specials for numerous networks including CBC, NBC, Scripps Networks, A&E, CBC, CBS, WE, Sci-Fi Channel, Discovery Channel,  Animal Planet, Bravo, YTV, History and National Geographic.

Ally’s management skills come to her very naturally. Long before she started booking crews, publishing call sheets & locking down locations, she would call all her friends, tell them when to bring the keg, and hold the house party ten minutes after her parents had pulled out of the driveway. For almost 2 decades, Ally has played a key role in managing, organizing, scheduling, digitizing, renting, and hiring for Vancouver production companies. She continues to add new skills to her bag of tricks and loves to get things done.

Linda Laughlin was a commissioning editor for CBC's flagship documentary series Doc Zone. Prior to that she was a Gemini award winning Senior Producer of CBC's biography series Life & Times. Her career includes work at CTV's W5, The Journal and CBLT. 


Todd Craddock is one of Canada's pre-eminent documentary cinematographers. His recent projects include Inseparable, Cowboy UpHighway Thru Hell, Untold Stories of the ER, and Airshow. In 2011, Todd received a Gemini for best cinematography for Ice Pilots.  Todd has 34 documentary series under his belt, and an unparalleled understanding of capturing the moment.  Todd focuses on creating beautiful images for the screen and encouraging subjects to feel at ease in front of the lens.
Al Flett is a film and TV editor with 20 years of story telling experience in documentary film.  He has worked on many independent documentaries, reality doc series, short dramatic films and musical performance pieces.  He has a great story sense, a strong visual style that makes him an award winner in his field.  He has worked on some of the largest documentary projects in Vancouver.  Many of them involving thousands of hours of footage and requiring him to lead a team of editors, and assistant editors.  He feels the best part of the job is working with a creative team, the collaboration, “it’s amazing how a show can be elevated by a shared creative spirit.”